TV-tenacious violence?

I will be showing my age by saying that I am of the tv generation where sitcoms and family entertainment such as “The Wonderful World of Disney” and “The Brady Bunch” were the norm. TV was something wholesome and entertaining. Parenting was the way it was intended to be. Respectful, with discipline and boundaries.

However, today I find that all too frequently there is “nothing good to watch on tv” yet we pay enormous amounts of money for cable or satellite tv that has too many channels to watch anyway. We add Netflix and Hulu and so many new things that come about everyday. Yet…we get stagnant with our tv/movie viewing.

It’s no wonder we also become stagnant to the violence and sex that crosses our airways every day in some form or another. We wonder why teenagers are killing for no good reason or predators are molesting more and more children or better yet why marriages are failing and the family unit demolished. Where are the God given values?

ENOUGH ALREADY! I know you have probably heard this a million times in the media or from your own parents but I’m going to just say it…Junk in…Junk out. If you are a moral person you know that after a while of watching slaughter after slaughter or sex scene after sex scene, or even hearing profanity in a string of unnecessary rhetoric that you just feel “gross” inside. Why?

Let me share a Bible verse with you in hopes that the word of God will impress upon your hearts His great plan for you life.

“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Philippians 4:8

I am just as guilty as the next guy for watching too much of the wrong things on tv but this verse always comes to mind. Is this show true? Is that scene honoring God? But mostly I think purety comes to mind. Purety is what keeps us grounded and in God’s Holy presence doing what He wants us to do to Glorify Him. Purety comes in all aspects of our lives. Our spirit, our body, our language, our thoughts,and our actions. Be mindful of that today!

My favorite Translation of the Bible!

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“P” is for Peace

There’s something to be said for peace! Ha Ha! Obviously since I’m blogging about it. A few words come to mind: Purity, priorities, and presence. Yes they all begin with “P” but for a purpose. No this is not a lesson in alliteration but more importantly a message in the power of trust, passion, perseverance and platitudes.

Let me tell you a little about my day. It is rainy. As I arose from a good night’s sleep to see my Sophomore son off to school on his last full day of school for the year, I paused to read my devotion on my phone as I usually do at some point in the morning. I was greeted after that by my beautiful 3 month old grandson’s giggles and coos and immediately transformed into a love that no one can understand but another Nana or mother. Pure JOY!

After everyone had left for work and school and I am left with a sleeping baby boy, I don my clothes and begin my day with the powerful and pleasing 30 minutes of yoga.

As my morning continues, working on my computer to learn new things to help my business, I notice a difference in my attitude and tolerance level of this program that I am somewhat fearful won’t work as I am not the most computer savvy person on the planet. I am however, willing to put forth an effort to learn from those who have been successful.

Now that it is about 3:00 and I am anticipating the arrival of my husband and daughter home from work and my son from school, I am relishing this quiet time again as the baby sleeps in his precious crib to reflect and rejoice at the success of my day.

Could it be attributed to how the day began? God first,fitness second, work third or is it just a blessing for the day how things work together for my good and the good of those around me who love the Lord?

I think it might be a little bit of both…What do you think?

So when looking for PEACE….
PURITY-doing what God wants us to do in every aspect of our lives.
PRIORITIES-God first, health and well being second, all others to follow.
PRESENCE-Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Don’t miss those opportunities to see your 16 year old off to school or spend time to talk to your grandson. We are not promised tomorrow!
POWER OF TRUST-Trust that God has got this! He’s in control. He knows the plans he has for you. Just trust that. Be still and know that He is God.
PERSEVERANCE-Press on. Fight the good fight. Run the race.
PLATITUDES-Have you told your family you love them today? Are you provoking your children or teaching them by example? Have an attitude of gratitude!

Peace be with you!

MY FAVORITE CHOPPER FROM PAMPERED CHEF!The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper

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I’m Ba aack!

It’s been 10 months and I have put my blog (life) on hiatus in more ways than one.  Life has a funny way of hitting you over the head like a cast iron skillet to the cranium. You can either stand up and fight back or stay down for the count.  I think I was somewhere in the middle.  The will was there but the stamina was not.

In those 10 months, my best friend moved away, I started a side business, lost my sister to Ovarian Cancer, became a Nana to a beautiful grandson by my then 19 year old daughter, lost my job of 7 years,  went through 2 football injuries with my son (broken finger requiring surgery and a concussion), my husband had surgery, lost 33 pounds on the Paleo Diet and have gained it all back, and the side business became full time while caring for my newborn grandson. Whew! I’m tired just writing about it.

How do you survive life like this! One word-Jesus!  He’s got my back.  He’s brought me through. He is my rock and my Savior.  I don’t know how faithless folks get through tough times with out hope!

Anyway, I am trying to “work” my way back into blogging and with my business.  I would appreciate your prayers, support and constructive comments as I embark on another leg of this journey of blogging.

You will be reading a lot about my new business, Pellows.  I make one of a kind, handmade pillows from designer fabrics in 4 different sizes.  10×10, 10×16, 16×16, 22×22, and I also make pocket pillows for the kiddos and pet pillows which are made of recycled fabrics.  Some are embellished with vinyl sayings or words.  Check out my website at: or my Etsy shop:

Also you will be seeing more recipes with blogs as I am on a journey back to my Southern roots and making 215 recipes in 365 days all typical Southern recipes that I grew up eating or wanting  to learn how to cook. For a sneak peak check out my facebook page.  www.facebook,com/theneatandeatlife

Until then…keep your eyes up and your feet grounded.  Take time to love your family!

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C’est la vie!

I am so tired of folks who spend their lives depressed, sad, cranky, and in the dark. Jesus came so that we could have abundant life. What does that mean to you.  It doesn’t mean life is perfect and we don’t always get our way but with God on our side how can anything be so bad? Life is too short and can be taken away in an instant. Live in the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not posting this as a result of recent current events. I am speaking just in general for the “average joe.”  I am not negating persons with terminal illnesses, traumatic plights that are not their faults but just everyday folks like me.  Working mom wno cleans house, buys groceries, cooks, takes care of her family, etc.  Why not see the glass as half full, not empty. Be gracious!  Be positive! Be grateful!  Life is flying by.

I’ve had my share of challenges in the past couple of years…My father passed away, we had to move out of our house, my sister’s fighting cancer, my best friend moved away, not to mention having adult children and teenage drama to deal with and major changes at work.  That’s life, isn’t it?

If you are near or over 50, you realize how fast life goes by more and more every day.  If you aren’t,  heed my advice.  Don’t be remorseful or regretful when you are older. Experience the trials and tribulations of life as an adventure. Have fun. Be flexible. Look for the good in everything because God is there. He’s got your back and will bless you as you are faithful.

I don’t know how anyone gets through the trials of life without the Lord’s guidance and comfort. When all else seems to fail.  God is always there to pick you up and carry you forward.

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And 21 Days makes a Habit

Week 3 of my Paleo Diet brings 2 ideas to mind.
  1) boredom 2) habit
Both concepts are good and bad.  Boredom sparks creativity. In this case, recipes.  Habit sparks consistency and less thinking.

I must admit that I have never done a “diet” before where I’ve stayed on it for so long and not had cravings and thoughts of cheating.  The food I am eating just tastes so much better. Richer and more robust.

It is hard to explain.  My mind seems separate from my body. I guess all the emotional eating seems separate from how my body feels.  I know that makes no sense unless you are an overweight, emotional eater. Do you eat when you are anxious,  frustrated, upset, happy? Then you understand.  Doing the Paleo Diet has made my body in control of itself.  Consciousness. That’s the word. When eating for health and with purpose makes one more conscious.

(Tonight’s dinner-kielbasa stir-fry with a side of corn)


So after doing this for 3 weeks, I have gotten bored. You can only eat so many eggs for breakfast and salads for lunch or dinner. My “go to”….my friend Pinterest.  So many good ideas and recipes. 

I’ve made, chocolate chunk zucchini bread, paleo banana bread, 4 ingredient sweet potato brownies.  I’ve learned all about coconut oil, milk, flour, and sugar. Tried every nut under the sun and investigated many gluten-free products.


(4 ingredient sweet potato brownies)

Here’s some ideas I’ve tried:
Individual packets of flavored tuna mixed with avocado
BLT lettuce wraps.
Dried apples, no sugar
Chicken salad and egg salad
Just to name a few….

Last but not least…I’m addicted to cherries. They are my dessert at night.


I am really digging Paleo. I hope this feeling is not fleeting. There is a lot of temptation out there but at my age the physical benefits outweigh anything else.

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Paleo Diet- Week Two

I survived week 2 of the paleo diet! It was harder than the first week. I got really bored with what I was eating so I had to change it up to keep some variety motivation. (I have posted some of my pretty meals.)


So last Monday night this is what my dinner table looked like. It was super salad night!  Everything I could possibly think of to put on a salad that was in my kitchen.


Here’s my final creation. Delicious! In case you are wondering….yes I put some beans on there.  They were in my frig and needed eating. I hate to waste food! I know legumes are not part of paleo, I just didn’t want to see them go to waste since they are still good for you.  Those were my last and final beans.


Surprisingly,  I am  not as hungry all the time now and I really do not crave anything.  What bothers me is the sight of things I shouldn’t eat. For instance, at work or on tv commercials.

My biggest challenge is  our Friday night pizza night family tradition. I thought…How am I going to do that and stay paleo? So I purchased  2 small gluten free pizzas for Caroline and me to share and 2 regular pizzas for the boys and a little dark chocolate for dessert for us girls and ice cream for the boys. The chocolate is our treat for the week.  I am finding though, that the chocolate only bothers me when it is around. Out of sight, out of mind. I don’t crave it like I used to.


When you are an emotional eater like me you have to find comfort food. Now it is a banana with almond butter

Oh yeah. By the way, I am down 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Hip, hip, hooray.


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Shift to Paleo Diet

As you probably have noticed….I have not blogged in about a month. Why? You may ask.  I guess  I just didn’t have anything to say that was worthwhile.  In that time frame, I’ve had a big shift in my life. At work, in the calendar of “schooldom”(yes this is a made up word), in my personal life, but mostly in my eating habits.

I still love the Pioneer Woman  show and all that Ree Drummond stands for. I applaud her spirit and Lord knows her recipes are delicious but I felt a need for a change. I was in a rut.  Spiritually, emotionaĺy, and physically. Anyone that knows me well, knows I like change. This change though is  out of necessity for my health and self esteem and hopefully for the health and well being of my family as well.

Thanks to my new coworker, who is a “Godsend”, I am doing
                                                   the PALEO DIET.
Today is the end of week one.  So I will be “blogging in” every week to share my thoughts, experiences and maybe some good recipes.

For those of you who may not know what the Paleo diet is, basically it was fashioned after what our ancestors ate before modern day farming was invented. No gluten, no diary (since we are the only species to drink another species milk), no sugar (except natural sugar in fruit and raw honey).  If you know me well, you know that I am a sugar-a-holic and chocoholic too.  I didn’t think I could do it. I love my sweet tea (the house wine of the South) and my sodas (because I am not a coffee drinker).  I did do it though, COLD TURKEY!

So let me tell you about the 2nd day of my Paleo Diet.  I felt so bad on Tuesday of this week.  That night after dinner, I just had to go to bed.  I think I was experiencing “withdrawal”.  My body was in shock from no sugar, no caffeine, no diary, and no gluten.

After that day, though, I have felt great. I have more energy, my mood has improved but most of all I have noticed the reduction in inflammation in my body. I have less swelling in my hands and I don’t wake up hurting like I used to. At my age that is monumental.  Oh yeah…I lost a couple of pounds too.  That is the great fringe benefit.

There are some challenges to this new way of eating though. 
1)Making multiple trips to the grocery store to keep fruits and vegetables  available.
2)Trying to keep my husband and 15 year old son satisfied without having junk around. (My cereal stash has increased)
3)I frequent the restroom (if you know what I mean)
4) Finding enough portable snacks to take to work with me so the vending machine doesn’t call me.
5) Not really a challenge but….needed to buy a lunchbox to take to work.

Today starts week 2. I will keep you posted.

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Good Samaritans and Entertaining Angels

While traveling to visit my sisters in Georgia, I had an interesting experience.  About a half hour outside of my destination my tire sensor came on in my car telling me that one of my tires was low. Of course, I was in the middle of nowhere. No gas stations, stores or restaurants anywhere. Not even a place to pull over off the highway.

I finally made it to the next small town after multiple panicky phone calls to my husband trying to figure out what to do.  So I pulled into this shady looking, rinky dink gas station and debated about what I should do.  Should I call roadside service who I would be waiting on for a while as the sun is going down or do I get brave and go in the gas station store and ask someone to help me?

On my way into the store, I decided to go with plan C and ask a clean cut, nice looking man who pulled up in a blue convertible Mustang if he would be so kind as to help me change my tire.  Fortunately, I made the right decision.

He assessed the situation and discovered my spare tire was flat too. He introduced himself and showed me his ID as a corrections officer. Then he offered to take both tires to his house a couple miles away and pump air in them and possibly patch them. What choice did I have but to let him.  So I did. I waited in the parking lot feeling really awkward. Before he left though,  he summoned the sheriff from across the parking lot to keep an eye on me and asked the station attendant to put a camera on me.  That made me feel a little safer. So as I waited about 25 minutes for him, I chatted on the phone with my daughter, Katy. I thought if I was talking on the phone, maybe I wouldn’t look so vulnerable or desperate.

When he came back,  he had to put the spare tire on as the other tire had a cut in it.  I offered to pay him for his time time but he wouldn’t take any money.  He told me, “In my Bible it talks about entertaining angels…”. Blah, blah , blah… Then he proceeded to tell me his story.  He was ex-military, had spent 30 years in law enforcement until 1993 when he was shot 2 times in the head with a shotgun while trying to save some children from a burning house that their father was trying to burn down with them in it. He said the Lord had been good to him since then. He also owned a body shop and 7 vehicles.

I thanked him profusely. He gave me his cell phone number in case I broke down again and I was on my way. I made it safely there.

This experience was truly a ” God thing”.  God is good, all the time!
All the time, God is good!

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“Binge watching”

Binge watching…the new buzz phrase that I hear everywhere. So is that a negative term or not?  I guess it depends on how you use it. Mostly I hear it used in relation  to Netflix. If you have Netflix, you probably know what I mean as you can watch every episode of every season of your favorite tv show or every movie made in the 90’s.  Well maybe not everyone.

I have fallen into the “Binge watching” phenomenon!  Ok, I confesss.  I think I was a binge watcher even before Netflix.  A long time ago when I was a little girl, I had certain tv shows that I never missed and loved so much that I would pretend I was a character  in the show. The one I remember most vividly was, “Little House on the Prairie “.  I wanted to be Laura Ingalls.  Remember her?  I would try to emulate  her personality and do things the way I thought she would.

More recently my binge of choice was “Army Wives”.  Love that show, partly because it is filmed right here in Charleston, South Carolina. Currently, my new love is “Hart of Dixie” about a New York doctor transplanted to a small Southern town in Alabama called Bluebell whose mayor is an ex NFL football star.  It’s all about small town, deep South drama. It is relatable and funny.

I guess Netflix doesn’t  have a monopoly on binge watching though.   If you have DVR or ON DEMAND you can achieve the same result.  As I have mentioned in my inspiration blogs, I am a big fan of “Fixer Upper” on HGTV.  I DVR the episodes and  can pick and choose which ones or how many I watch.  My new favorite show On Demand is “We Bought the Farm”. This is a show like , “House Hunters” but they show 4 farms to a family and then the people choose one. The countryside scenery is gorgeous.

So  go do you some “Binge Watching”! (Pardon my English)

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Not-So-Pretty Tamale Pie


Not sure what to say except interesting and delicious. My daughter, Caroline, pretty much summed it up when she said the Tamale Pie was like a Mexican pot pie. 


The filling was flavorful and hearty made with jalapeño, pablano and red bell peppers, beef, beans, tomatoes, onions and garlic.  Of course the spices were generous too…chili powder,  cumin, kosher salt and black pepper.



             Yes, I’m a messy cook. Who isn’t when you’ve got a small kitchen?

Have you ever heard of Masa? I hadn’t. It is a Mexican cornmeal that is ground very finely.  The pie crust is made with masa and some other yummy ingredients  like butter, shortening, and chicken broth. I didn’t think I would like it but I was pleasantly surprised by the corn flavor.

If you are interested in getting the recipe, go to

Ole, ole!  

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