The “Pioneer Woman Awakening”

A couple of months ago, I decided to investigate this person I had been hearing so much about from my husband and son…Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.  I had seen her on a commercial and knew she had cookware at Walmart but I was NOT going to sit down and watch some cooking show on the Food Network.  Well that all changed in an instant one Saturday morning as I turned the tv on while folding laundry in my bedroom and “Lo and behold” guess who was on the tv.  I was hooked from then on.  I liked her personality.  I could relate to her home life and I really liked what she was cooking.  My curiosity was elevated and my motivation spurred on by this beautiful woman with the long red hair. And so it began…  Almost everyday I have tried one or more “Pioneer Woman” recipes.  I have made everything from appetizer to dessert.  Breakfast through dinner. I’d like to share the ones I have tried and give you my take on the outcome.

CHICKEN ENCHILADAS-My very first Pioneer Woman recipe.  Not my favorite Mexican food but these were the best! Time consuming to make but well worth it!IMG_20160109_193823

SPICY DR. PEPPER SHREDDED PORK-Was drawn to the Dr. Pepper aspect since that is my favorite soda.  Way too spicy for me again.  Didn’t use a great cut of pork either.  Would like to try this one again.IMG_20160126_184458

TOSTADAS!-Supposed to use leftover beef brisket which I didn’t make yet.  Tried to use leftover spicy shredded pork.  Ended up cheating and using ground beef ’cause that was what I was in the mood for.  Turned out to be delicious anyway.IMG_20160128_190127

CHICKEN NUGGETS-My favorite recipe so far!!!  I have been trying to make great chicken nuggets for my kiddos since they were small and my baby is 15 now.  I learned an important skill. A 3-step dredging process before putting them in the pan.  Makes perfect sense.


Chicken Nuggets & Spicy Cauliflower


SPICY CAULIFLOWER STIR-FRY-Did I mention I don’t like spice?  Well, I love cauliflower and thought it would be great.  Way too spicy for me!!!!!!! Sorry, but very healthy.

SIMPLE, HEARTY WHITE CHILI-Cheated a little on this one.  Used canned beans. Did not use cayenne or paprika.  I’m not a big spice fan!  Tasted great to me!

GARLIC CHEESE BREAD-Enough said.  Scrumptious.IMG_20160127_182015

LEMON BLUEBERRY PANCAKES-Wow. Different. So fresh and fluffy. A great Saturday morning treat.IMG_20160130_091608




PIZZA POCKETS-Clemson Playoff game food for us.  Tasty but I cheated again and used refrigerated dough.  Probably would have been better if I had done it from scratch.IMG_20160124_182725

CHOCOLATE PECAN CRISPY TREATS-As far as crispy treats go…good. I would rather have something more chocolatey and gooey personally.  My daughter loved them.IMG_20160124_181543


CHICKEN PICCATA-Absolutely the best I have ever made.  I highly recommend this one.IMG_20160118_174742

RED AND GREEN STUFFED SHELLS-2 kinds of sauces.  Mmmmm! Melt in your mouth good. 5 stars!IMG_20160131_100008


SIMPLE, HEARTY, CHICKEN AND RICE SOUP-Without a doubt, the best soup I have ever eaten. If I am ever sick. Please make me some!IMG_20160127_182011

ITALIAN MEATLOAF-Interesting. Not especially fond of the cubes of bread in the loaf.IMG_20160201_191820

MAC AND FOUR CHEESE-Gourmet mac and cheese. Expensive too.  Substituted Monterey Jack cheese for the fontina.  I wasn’t paying $9.98 for a little wedge of fontina.  No one new.  Ssshhh!  It will be our little secret.IMG_20160201_191836

GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE-Not your mother’s casserole. Very up to date and delicious.

RED VELVET SHEET CAKE WITH CLASSIC RED VELVET FROSTING-Totally not what I expected.  Very flavorful and a different frosting but delicious.  Supposedly the frosting is what the original recipe was like.

CHICKEN TACO SALAD-Would have been perfect with less lettuce!IMG_20160204_191308

CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY NUTELLA CAKE- Made for me by my daughter for my birthday…so dense and chocolatey.  Oooo! aaahhh!IMG_20160202_190147

RANCH CHICKEN SANDWICHES-I think these were good.  I kind of lost focus when I fried my hand in bacon grease. (See previous blog)

ZUCCHINI STRINGS-Fried zucchini. A great attempt to get a vegetable in, but……wp-1454852976977.jpg

LOADED NACHOS-The family’s favorite game day food. These are delicious and filling.  I’ve made them twice.  Once for the playoffs and once for the Super Bowl.  We are big football fans at our house. IMG_20160207_182028

POTATO SKINS AND PIZZA POTATO SKINS- I’ve made both.  You decide which one is best. I will say the regular skins are the best skins and the prettiest I have ever made.IMG_20160207_181105

SPREADS-cookie, chocolate and candy toppings?  What’s better than that?  Fun to make with the kids.  They can be creative.IMG_20160207_181120

SCALLOPED POTATOES AND HAM-Very Yummy but the family was just not impressed.  I guess you could say it wasn’t their ‘cup of tea’.

CINNAMON TOAST DONE THE RIGHT WAY-The best thing you have ever put in your mouth… and I thought I made good cinnamon toast.IMG_20160209_075732

Well that concludes the list to catch me up thus far.  All these recipes can be found at  or

Let me know what you think when you try them.  Happy Cooking!





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