One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, 40?

Just put me in the army now.  I had a taste of what cooking for an army must be like yesterday. 

Every month at our school, we have a staff meeting for about an hour after we close the center so that we can get together as a school family.  A few months ago, the staff decided that we should do some kind of potluck dinner. So every month we come up with a theme for the food.  We’ve had Italian night, a chili cookoff, soup and salad….You get the idea.  This month we decided to do a potato bar. I put out a sign up sheet for people to bring things like bacon, cheese, butter, sour cream, chili, salsa, drinks, dessert and of course, potatoes.  There were four spaces for 4 people to each bring 10 potatoes.  When I left for the day, the day before the meeting no one had signed up for potatoes.   When I got home that night, I was thinking, what if no one brings potatoes?

So the next morning, I am off to Wally World at 6:30 am to get 40 potatoes. My rationale was that if I baked 1, 3 0r 40 what’s the difference.  The oven is already on, isn’t it?  So I get to the store, and just inside in the produce section is an end display of bags of potatoes with a big sign-$4.64 a bag. I walked around the side of the counter to see that there are more potatoes in bags but these are $2.77. Wow…a big savings.  So I proceed to load 4 bags of potatoes into my cart.  When I get them home, I dump them into the sink  to wash them and notice that I did buy bags with 10 potatoes each in them but I bought “Big Kahuna” , ginormous ones. Oops! Is ginormous a word?

Oh well. I continued the process. Washed 40 potatoes, tore off 40 sheets of
foil, pulled out 2 pie plates and put canola oil in one and kosher salt in the other and prepared each potato to bake.

My next dilemma was…oh yeah, I only have 2 racks in my oven. Fortunately, I had time to bake two rounds for an hour and 10 minutes a piece at 425 degrees.  They smelled delicious.  Then I thought…How do I transport 40 hot potatoes? Cooler! Or should I say warmer? I loaded them in the cooler (on wheels) and took them to work and would you believe….They stayed warm all day.  Imagine that.

Oh yeah. By the way…while all these potatoes were cooking, I made Bloody Mary Chili for the boys for dinner. Pioneer Woman recipe, of course.  It was not a big hit.  Both my husband and son said they liked my chili better. Humph! Way to go Mom!  I’ll have to share that recipe with you another time.

So that’s the tale of the 40 potatoes! THE END.

About theneatandeatlife

Wife, Mother of 3, Nana to one beautiful grandson, Early Childhood Professional, Lover of dogs (especially dachshunds), Professional Organizer, Musician and now a small business owner of Pellows-handmade pillows. I firmly believe in my tag above, that everyone has something to offer the world and after being on this planet for over half a century, I’d like to share my offerings.
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