Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Just let me say….This recipe is not for all you bird or rabbit eaters.  I admit, I am not one of those people.  I like my roast beef. This recipe is for all you big eaters male and female who want a tasty, filling meal all in one sandwich. 


As far as Pioneer  Woman  recipes go, this one is super easy. The slicing of the peppers and onions takes the most time.  It is so worth it though. The colors are gorgeous.


Just fyi, I used a combination of mayo and horseradish  sauce as the spread on the bun. You could use spicy mustard or add hot sauce too.  I also used 4 colors of peppers instead of 3. 
Red, orange, yellow, and a green one that came from our newly planted garden bush.  Thanks Hon! (That’s my husband Ron) He’s the one with the green thumb at our house.


I think these sandwiches were a big hit with my husband and son. Hope you enjoy them too.  This recipe is definitely a keeper! I have enclosed the link for you.


Happy Eating!

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Wife, Mother of 3, Nana to one beautiful grandson, Early Childhood Professional, Lover of dogs (especially dachshunds), Professional Organizer, Musician and now a small business owner of Pellows-handmade pillows. I firmly believe in my tag above, that everyone has something to offer the world and after being on this planet for over half a century, I’d like to share my offerings.
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