Crunchy Cereal Chicken Fingers

So it’s Sunday night and I wasn’t planning to cook tonight since no one was home until later and Ron and I had a late lunch of BLTs.

BLTs. For you unSouthern folks, that’s bacon, lettuce and tomato.  One of my Southern favorites…whole grain white bread,  lightly toasted, mayo spread to the edge of the bread, warm, crispy bacon, freshly sliced juicy red tomatoes with a little seasoned salt on them and a little spinach/ kale greenery.  Ummmm!

So that plan  of not cooking lasted just long enough until everyone got home and was hungry and asking, “What’s for dinner?”.  A commonly asked question around our house with a teenage boy under our roof.

Crunchy Cereal Chicken Fingers to the rescue.  A “Pioneer Woman  recipe,  of course. If you have cereal eaters at your house, like I do, you know someone always leaves a dab of cereal in the box claiming, “It’s stale!”.  Well here’s a recipe to use that cereal up. 

As my mother would say, “Waste not , want not!”  There’s  a lot of truth in that statement .  I prefer to look at it from another perspective….God doesn’t give us more than we can handle so if we are not good stewards of what we have, there may not be as many more blessings. Yes, everything is a blessing that we have, even cereal. OK, enough of my soapbox for today.  Anyway, I was thrilled to not waste food. I think that may be a little bit of the organizer in me coming out as well.


Chicken strips dredged in flour with salt and pepper.  Then dredged in egg. Then dredged  in cereal crumbs.  Cooked in a pan with canola oil.


The process works like a charm for perfect chicken fingers. Beautiful and tasty. Served with a dipping sauce made with ketchup, applesauce, and worchestershire  sauce. Yum! Yum!

Check out the Pioneer Woman website for more info.
If you have kids, this recipe is a keeper.

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Wife, Mother of 3, Nana to one beautiful grandson, Early Childhood Professional, Lover of dogs (especially dachshunds), Professional Organizer, Musician and now a small business owner of Pellows-handmade pillows. I firmly believe in my tag above, that everyone has something to offer the world and after being on this planet for over half a century, I’d like to share my offerings.
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