I’m Ba aack!

It’s been 10 months and I have put my blog (life) on hiatus in more ways than one.  Life has a funny way of hitting you over the head like a cast iron skillet to the cranium. You can either stand up and fight back or stay down for the count.  I think I was somewhere in the middle.  The will was there but the stamina was not.

In those 10 months, my best friend moved away, I started a side business, lost my sister to Ovarian Cancer, became a Nana to a beautiful grandson by my then 19 year old daughter, lost my job of 7 years,  went through 2 football injuries with my son (broken finger requiring surgery and a concussion), my husband had surgery, lost 33 pounds on the Paleo Diet and have gained it all back, and the side business became full time while caring for my newborn grandson. Whew! I’m tired just writing about it.

How do you survive life like this! One word-Jesus!  He’s got my back.  He’s brought me through. He is my rock and my Savior.  I don’t know how faithless folks get through tough times with out hope!

Anyway, I am trying to “work” my way back into blogging and with my business.  I would appreciate your prayers, support and constructive comments as I embark on another leg of this journey of blogging.

You will be reading a lot about my new business, Pellows.  I make one of a kind, handmade pillows from designer fabrics in 4 different sizes.  10×10, 10×16, 16×16, 22×22, and I also make pocket pillows for the kiddos and pet pillows which are made of recycled fabrics.  Some are embellished with vinyl sayings or words.  Check out my website at: www.pellows-online.com or my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/PellowsCo

Also you will be seeing more recipes with blogs as I am on a journey back to my Southern roots and making 215 recipes in 365 days all typical Southern recipes that I grew up eating or wanting  to learn how to cook. For a sneak peak check out my facebook page.  www.facebook,com/theneatandeatlife

Until then…keep your eyes up and your feet grounded.  Take time to love your family!

About theneatandeatlife

Wife, Mother of 3, Nana to one beautiful grandson, Early Childhood Professional, Lover of dogs (especially dachshunds), Professional Organizer, Musician and now a small business owner of Pellows-handmade pillows. I firmly believe in my tag above, that everyone has something to offer the world and after being on this planet for over half a century, I’d like to share my offerings.
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